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It is no secret that motorists in general do not concern themselves with their car battery until the day it refuses to start. You know the trouble is likely with your battery by observing the following:

(a) You turn the key, your car engine cranks, but it won’t start

(b) You turn on the headlights, but the lights are dim or nothing comes on

(c)You have had episodes of intermittent cranking problems recently

These signs are usually an indication that your car needs a new battery.Obviously a battery change is no big deal, except that no one wants it to happen when they need to get somewhere urgently. For peace of mind, pick a dependable, long lasting and maintenance-free battery such as Century Marathoner.

Make sure the battery dimension and capacity match your vehicle’s make, model and engine type. There are
two ways a battery’s capacity is rated – cold cranking amps (CCA) and amp-hour (AH). In cold climate conditions, cold cranking amps (CCA) is used to measure a battery’s current output. However, in warm
weather conditions and on tropical roads the amp hour (AH) rating applies. Century Batteries manufactured
for Malaysian roads are typically AH rated.

Finally, check the battery for its Reserve Capacity (RC). The higher the rating, the longer a fully charged battery can power on should the vehicle’s alternator fail. Century batteries are normally 12-volt standard rated for most vehicles.

Century Batteries Testimonials

Century Batteries Testimonials

Why should you buy century at your neighborhood car parts keep from a certified dealership?

Easy swap in cases of guarantee troubles or problems.
You do not should await the careless courier officers who mishandle your consignment particularly given that the battery is very hefty.
You are in a position to check as well as verify any kind of physical damage. Informing that the device has not been dealt with appropriately is extremely easy. Some retaining fingers around the duct cover could be subtle’

It is possible to examine the battery voltage in the shop prior to winning it.
If you plan to relocate to a various area within the 3 years then do not lose your receipt. Century battery is a resilient item which can be purchased straight from a chain store.

It is important that you order directly from Century if you intend to buy these batteries online since you will certainly have a possibility of managing the maker who will certainly even provide you a substitute battery. Remember it is only the authorized dealer who issues warranty.

I could never ever compare the Century battery with any battery it works terrific. My stereo that performs at 1700 rms does not even affect the volt fee. The only issues I have with the battery: The first one being lower problems it carried arrival and lack guarantee.

Century Ultramax (Maintenance free battery)

Ultramax is placed higher than the brand name’s current Marathoner car battery array. It is touted as Malaysia’s lengthiest guarantee battery, with Sirim certification. The 1-for-1 service warranty is 21 months long, which indicates that ought to your Ultramax go flat within the warranty duration, Century will certainly change it with a brand new system.

Upon closer examination, the 21-month service warranty is just for private petrol powered lorries. Personal diesel lorries, industrial use cars as well as taxis obtain a six-month guarantee, possibly due to expected heavy duty usage. The Ultramax, which trounces the Marathoner (itself not a negative product) in concerning every group, is valued from RM250 to RM290.

Warranty insurance claims can be done through picked dealerships that are already educated by Century. When inquired about potential disputes with the supplier, Century bosses state that if the case is legitimate (no inappropriate use) as well as the battery is shown to be dead (not due to various other failings such as the generator) users need to have not a problem with the claim. The policy is “no questions asked”.

Century Ultramax Battery

When it comes to Century Battery Help, think about it as an AAM-style 24-hour car help, but concentrating on batteries. So if your car has a level battery, call 1-800-2288379 (or for easier memory 1-800-BATTERY) as well as the driver will certainly ask you a few inquiries to confirm that it’s a battery associated trouble. A technician on a bike will then arrive within 45 minutes to replace your battery, with a brand-new Century unit, certainly.

Century guarantees phone call pickup in 15 secs, callback on completion and a service score SMS. They likewise guarantee that the uniformed bikers will look pleasurable, not frightening, which is a crucial factor in emergency situations. By the way, the saved party pays just for the battery– the help as well as installation is cost-free.

Century SDFC (Maintenance free battery)

Those that own continental cars recognize that they need a higher criterion of care. That’s why Century battery has made a high-performing, maintenance-free automobile battery especially for such cars. It’s specially engineered for more power and endurance to place your minds secure.

Century SDFC Battery


No more worries about adding water.


Adaptable pads lessen potentially destructive vibrations and also shakes as a result of unequal roadway problems.


Protect against possible explosions because of triggers outside the battery by reducing gas airing vent.


Lower threat of short circuits as a result of grid rust.


Developed to enhance resistance to abrupt activities as well as endure influence.


Comfortably put to assist move or transport battery safely and with ease.

Century Marathoner (Maintenance free battery)

Century Marathoner Battery

Century Marathoner is a much heavier responsibility MF Battery as compared to average MF batteries, as a result of the enhancement of a lot more energetic material and use of thicker grids. The additional energetic products make it possible for the plates to produce more power under a maximized material application price while the mechanical residential properties of the plate is improved by the new layout and also thicker grids; guaranteeing that plates have a greater deterioration resistance.



In May 2016 Century introduced a completely revamped Century Marathoner MF, the leading brand in its
steady of auto batteries. The result? A maintenance-free car battery that is a lot more powerful, extra reputable, and also with a longer long lasting life span.

4 locations of making procedures and also style were the focus of its remodeling:

Casting, Plate Making, Setting up as well as Development: 


The enhancement of AlloyPlus reduces rust of positive plates.

Layer Making

New technology introduced to reduce plate degradation and also fastening.

Assembly Refine

Upgraded tools and also tightening up of manufacturing requirements causes general product top quality.

Development method

Keeping a consistent two-stage development treatment improves battery power and efficiency.

There is no question that R&D as well as product technology are secrets to market leadership. Positive responses from clients and also dealerships in Malaysia to Century Motolite Battery’s new generation Marathoner is testament that the Company’s initiatives are settling.

Century Hybrid (Low Maintenance Battery)

Making use of Unique Lead Calcium Enable technology, Century Crossbreed comes up with high cranking and also book power and also guarantees extremely marginal water addition as well as terminal message corrosion.

Century Power (Low Maintenance Battery)

Century Power produces consistent cranking as well as reserve power and makes certain very little water enhancement.

http://www.carbatteryinmalaysia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/century-battery-malaysia.jpghttp://www.carbatteryinmalaysia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/century-battery-malaysia-150x150.jpgorebkkbennyCar Battery MalaysiaCentury Battery Malaysia Know your Car Battery, Battery Warranty Centre It is no secret that motorists in general do not concern themselves with their car battery until the day it refuses to start. You know the trouble is likely with your battery by observing the following: (a) You turn the key, your...It's all about different types of car battery that best suit your car.