Yuasa Battery Malaysia

Yuasa Battery, Inc. is a battery production titan at Laureldale, U.S.A. Given that its inception in 1979, Yuasa has actually been a leading brand name for cars and truck batteries. The state of art production unit is always anticipated to design the very best of course car batteries. Yuasa vehicle batteries have actually earned worldwide prominence for quality even in extreme climate condition. The amazing range is ever before expanding as the outcome of unabated technologies. Yuasa Inc. is a world’s leading supplier of automotive batteries to OEMs.

Yuasa Battery Malaysia

The most preferred Yuasa Cars and truck Batteries series have been: Yuasa AGM Vehicle Batteries, Yuasa Elite Cars and truck Batteries, Yuasa OEM Japanese Professional Batteries and Yuasa Specialist Automobile Batteries. Each collection uses amazing series of automobile batteries with various capacities and functions. Shared experiences with reduced maintenance Yuasa Expert 896 Battery, Yuasa 019 AGM – 096 AGM Auto Battery as well as Yuasa Elite 012t -110 t Automobile Battery prove the technical quality that comes to you at very small cost.

Yuasa AGM Car Batteries

 Like previous introductions by Yuasa Battery, Inc., Yuasa AGM cars and truck batteries too obtained overwhelming feedback from the traders and also the individuals. AGM technology in auto batteries is called as Taken in Glass Mat Modern technology that makes sure out of box benefits to customers including reduced upkeep, smooth beginning, deep cycle recharge, lengthy life and so on. Yuasa AGM automobile batteries are made with special category separators & plates to soak up the acid gradually, so, the acid leak upon car components as well as accessories becomes a past. AGM vehicle batteries have certain gravity nearly three times more than to conventional lead batteries.
Yuasa AGM Car Batteries

Drip proof Yuasa AGM Cars and truck Batteries collection is likewise ever before expanding. Buyers find the specific battery match for their car without any concession. Yuasa 019 AGM Automobile Battery with 90Ah capability as well as Yuasa 096 AGM Cars and truck Battery with 70Ah capability have actually been rated as best batteries with AGM technology at the provided cost. 12V Yuasa AGM Cars and truck Batteries are best pick for “Stop-Start” vehicles with one-of-a-kind guarantee of 360,000 smooth engine starts.

Yuasa OEM Japanese Specialist Batteries

Yuasa OEM Japanese Professional Batteries are offered in five versions. Each model is designed with various requirements to assist in the purchasers to select the most effective power bank suit for their lorries. Yuasa OEM Japanese Specialist Battery collection is particularly developed for the contemporary age progressed autos like Toyota Pries, Honda Jazz and Mazda MX-5 autos.

Yuasa OEM Japanese Specialist Batteries

Yuasa 44b19l(s) OEM JIS SPECIFICATION Jazz is a 12v- 40Ah battery that has Reserve Ability of 45 minutes. The size determines as LxWxH: 187mm x 127mm x 225mm. Yuasa HJ-A24L OEM JIS SPEC Mx5 is a 12v- 40Ah battery that features Book Ability of 45 mins. The dimension determines as LxWxH: 238mm x 129mm x 187mm. Yuasa HJ-S34B20R OEM JIS SPEC Prius Battery is a 12v- 35 Ah battery that comes with Reserve Ability of 45 mins. The size measures as LxWxH: 197mm x 129mm x 227mm. Yuasa HJ-S34B20L OEM JIS SPECIFICATION Prius 12v- 35 Ah battery steps as LxWxH: 197mm x 129mm x 227mm. Yuasa HJ-S46B24R OEM JIS SPECIFICATION Prius Battery a 12v- 46 Ah battery. The size measures as LxWxH: 238 mm x 129mm x 227mm.

Yuasa Elite Car Batteries

Yuasa Elite auto batteries incorporate the technological breakthroughs in creating to make certain maximum performance and to boost service life. Yuasa Elite Automotive batteries supply 40-45 % even more cycles if compared with traditional kind batteries. Created with Double Calcium Technology, Yuasa Elite Battery collection are best pick for the high grade automotives in the classifications like SAT, NAV, DVD, AIR DISADVANTAGE etc. Elite batteries cover layout surpasses the latest OEM safety and security German requirements for acid leak. All Yuasa Elite batteries validate EN50342:2006 criteria for being maintenance free. Yuasa Elite car batteries have been checked for deep discharge and recharge without impacting launch performance.

Yuasa Elite auto batteries collection was presented with big bang of eight 12v designs inclusiving the capabilities from 47 – 100Ah.

Yuasa Battery Charger

Yuasa Battery Charger

Both chargers – an easy-to-use 3-amp design and also a 2-amp version that can service several batteries at the same time-both include an OEM authorized five-stage charging algorithm that conserves energy and time, while guaranteeing the battery is effectively and fully charged. While the battery chargers are enhanced for more recent AGM design batteries, they are still compatible with traditional flooded batteries.

” Correct upkeep of a powersports battery is important to achieve the maximum life span,” stated AyKaun Okuma, senior director – aftermarket, for Yuasa Battery, Inc. “As the leading service provider of original devices batteries to the powersports sector, we know the proper algorithm to give the battery with specifically the right charging price. We feel it is essential to not just provide the best batteries, but additionally the devices to help our clients get the most out of them.”
The Yuasa 2-amp Automatic Battery Charger & Maintainer has two independent charging stations to permit synchronised servicing of multiple batteries. The Yuasa 2-amp Automatic Battery charger & Maintainer also could service either 6- or 12-volt batteries.

The Yuasa 3-amp Automatic Battery Charger & Maintainer is developed to be easy to use– the user simply needs to plug the charger in to a wall electrical outlet and connect it to the battery. The charger/maintainer instantly bills the battery using the five-stage charging algorithm, then maintains the battery in a totally billed state so it’s ready to use.
Both battery chargers/maintainers additionally have a feature that permits the healing of sulfated batteries, and faulty battery discovery to help detect inner battery issues. The charger/maintainers have quick link cables and alligator clips (6 ft. total amount) and include a five-year warranty.

Yuasa Battery Review

Yuasa Battery Review


Yuasa Batteries – How good you feel for them? Review of year 2016 from battery users:-

– Review from Chris

I know this company from motorbike batteries. I felt very impressed, last one i used lasted 11 years on a Honda CB600.
Most bikers you will talk to will rate their batteries highly
No experience of their car batteries, but no reason to doubt they should be just as good

– Review from Faizul
Motorcycles of various varieties over the past 20 years often fitted with (or I fitted) Yuasa. Always very good.

– Review from David
The OEM on my motorbike lasted ~3 years. The Yuasa lasted at least 7 years

– Review by Lawrance
No direct experience of Yuasa car batteries, but other types from Yuasa are superb. We do a fair bit of below ground work and need reliable and long life re-chargeable batteries for our light sources. We build our own as ‘normal’ commercial ones do not fit the bill. We always fit Yuasa batteries and have done for 15 years. Our workshop lads swear by them. No reason to suppose their other products are not equally good.

– Review by Muhammad Hassan

Yuasa are very high quality – they often last well over a decade.


http://www.carbatteryinmalaysia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Yuasa-Battery-Malaysia.pnghttp://www.carbatteryinmalaysia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Yuasa-Battery-Malaysia-150x150.pngorebkkbennyCar Battery MalaysiaYuasa Battery Malaysia Yuasa Battery, Inc. is a battery production titan at Laureldale, U.S.A. Given that its inception in 1979, Yuasa has actually been a leading brand name for cars and truck batteries. The state of art production unit is always anticipated to design the very best of course car...It's all about different types of car battery that best suit your car.